You’re what i want.

Am i what you want?

Lets jump in to the back of the devils truck.

Hitch a ride down town, lets try our luck.

But you’re too afraid to get into a strangers car.

I did those things

that I did too you.

Limbs all askew. Breathless on the ground.

I wiped you clean, like you wanted me to.

Get you into the shower, wash all my sins off of your skin.

You disappeared

for about a month.

I got that text from my favourite demon.

My favourite sound, just like fucking Pavlov’s bell.

I need to feed. Boys, its time to run amok.

You’re not the one,

and i’m not it too.

That’s my favourite thing about a boy like you.

I get to be the monster, i get to be the wolf.

I get to lay here licking blood off of my fingertips.





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