5am, and we’re still awake.

Sitting in my front yard,

rolling messy joints.


“Is that fucking blunt, mate?

Or a bit of origami?”


The birds were chirping, telling us to shut the fuck up.

But, we were too busy reminiscing

about the night before.


I’ve gotta leave for work in an hour,

but I’m a little preoccupied

just floating up here.





We ate a pack of Tic Tac’s at our mate Ric’s place.

We talked about life, and the mess we made.

And, I thought to myself,


We’ve got so much time to clean it all up.”


Hentai, Costco, and a conversation about anal,

or two.

Tell me, why am I so comfortable with you?


My mind is my favourite book.

Old, tattered, and stained in wine.

Laying at the bottom of my tote bag.


I’d only lend it to these two.


I told them about James, and the shit he did.

I told them about my Dad, about life back home, and about that guy I dated.

The one with the really big dick.


There’s not one part of me I wouldn’t let them read.




5am, and we’re still awake.

Running ’round in circles at the local park.


The sun starts to rise,

and we’re up here, sitting side by side with him.





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