Fucked up on red wine,
barely a familiar face in sight,
we were at that party on that October night.

I lost my will, I lost my mentality,
when I looked across the room
and i saw your eyes.

I remember your smile,
so smug, so sly.
That look across your face, after you made me and that feminist cry.

Despite the things you did,
despite the things you said,
I’ll always fall for the guy who makes me question my mind.

When the hipsters paired off.
When the stoners fell asleep.
I walked you home, not long after midnight.

On an empty street,
we walked among the silence.
Just you and I, and the fucking moonlight.

Without a single word,
without a hint of sanity,
without a single breath, I took the dive.

I took you by the hand.
You took me by the throat.
You made me feel like nothing, yet I came alive.

Why’d you have to go?
Why’d you have to lie?
My pants around my ankles, as I watched the sun rise.



Emma Bunton

I can’t help but remember us the way I do.

You’re a neck,

and I’m a noose.

Even though you’d say you don’t think that way.

Deep down inside,

we all know you really do.

What I am

is what I am.

My mind always seems to  drift away,

just right now I’ve begun to stray.

I don’t even want to finish this sentence.

I just wanna chill and listen to Emma Bunton.