WITHIN TEMPTATION [aka gldn boi]


Midnight town.
Golden boy.
Man in a mask.

There’s a place.
We both know. Deep.
At the back of the park.

I am light.
Hear my cries.
I seek dark.

I’m no saint.
Wears an angel’s mask.

Take your time.
Take my mind.
Take my flesh.

Never stop.
Let’s get lost. Deep.
Within temptation.

Throw me down.
Spit the blood.
On the ground.

Wipe my tears.
Stain my face.
Tar on porcelain.

Hold me down.
Dig your teeth. Deep.
Into my chest.

Bleeding hearts.
Speak no lies.
Don’t you know?

Scream out loud.
Hear the pleasure.
In my voice.

Grip my throat.
Silence the voice. Deep.
In my mind.

Don’t slow down.
Take me over.
Take control.

Don’t let go.
I need to know.
That you’re here.

Loosen your grip.
I breathe lies. Deep.
Into my lungs.

You’re a flame.
Like a moth.
Can’t resist.

Reality is calling,
Don’t pick up.

Cover my eyes.
I’m at home. Deep.
In the dark.
Never leave.
I’m at home. Deep.
Within your grip.

See no light.
I come alive.
Am I dead?

Who are you?
Where’s the light?
Where am I?

You are gone.
The light is gone.
Where am I?

Dirt stained clothes.
Dirt stained hands.
Dirt stained mind.

Open my eyes.
Dust my hands.
Feel the light.

See no truth.
See no lies.
Start again.


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